Ciprian Ciucu

2012 – second `CRPE Annual Report` on Romania-Moldova Relations

The week in which the governments of the two countries meet in a common government reunion in Iasi, the Romanian Center for European Policies publishes its annual report on the relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Named „ From rebooting relations to accumulating arrears”, the CRPE report covers the most important aspects of cooperation between these two countries in 2011.

The Effects of Justice Monitoring on Romanian Politics and Institutions Media and Civil Society Perceptions –

The Romanian Center for European Polices (CRPE) and the Academic Society of Romania (SAR) released a study that aims to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification (MCV) in the area of justice agreed upon by the European Union and Romania, analyzing the factors that have facilitated the acceptance and implementation of EU conditions.