The Effects of Justice Monitoring on Romanian Politics and Institutions Media and Civil Society Perceptions –

Policy memo, no.11, June 2010

Authors: Cristian Ghinea, Marina Popescu, Ciprian Ciucu

The Romanian Center for European Polices (CRPE) and the Academic Society of Romania (SAR) released a study that aims to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification (MCV) in the area of justice agreed upon by the European Union and Romania, analyzing the factors that have facilitated the acceptance and implementation of EU conditions.

This report is the second in a series of four that analyze the proposed topic. To obtain an analysis as well-documented and systematic as possible, we chose to conduct a poll of the opinions of experts in the domain, using a questionnaire structured around the objectives set by the MCV and covered in the monitoring reports.

Some of the research results, as apparent from the responses:
– None of the four benchmarks of the MCV is considered to be fulfilled. The biggest failure is recorded in the objective of “Ensure[ing] a more transparent, and efficient judicial process notably by enhancing the capacity and accountability of the Superior Council of Magistracy”. 91% of respondents say that this objective was not achieved.

The report is available, here.