Online training session – Enhancing the capacity of the local civil society for monitoring local public authorities

Between the 28th of November and the 12th of December, CRPE Moldova organized three training programs for the civil society of the Republic of Moldova on the transparency and monitoring of local public authorities.

The programs were designed for the civil society representatives of Cimișlia, Căușeni, and Basarabeasca rayons, and the activities were facilitated by experts in local public administration, community organizations, civic activism, and transparency from the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

We are aiming to inform and grow active citizens, to debate how local public authorities function and also discuss transparency and collaborations with civil society. We wish to find out what would NGOs and local civil society need in order to participate in local public debates and efficiently monitor public authorities.

We have also presented the Guide for Community Activism launched as part of the project. The guide contains information about the functioning of local public authorities, the role of NGOs and their functioning, types, and opportunities for cooperation between local public authorities, including good practices, and also tools for planning and realizing local advocacy campaigns. The material can be accessed here.  

Between the 1st of February 2021 and the 1st of May 2021, participants will oversee local public authorities, the way in which they respond to petitions and demands if they organize public debates for local projects, and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the relationship between local public authorities and citizens. The results of the oversight and other details about the participant NGOs will also be reflected in a media campaign carried out with the help of media platform.

The ‘Enhancing the capacity of the local civil society for monitoring local public authorities’ initiative aims to enhance the expertise and capacities of local civil society regarding the functioning and monitoring of public authorities at the local and rayon level, and also promote and grow the visibility of local NGO’s and their activities.

The project „Creşterea capacităţii societăţii civile la nivel local pentru monitorizarea administraţiilor publice locale” is implemented by CRPE – R. Moldova and financed by the European Union and Konrad Adenauer, as part of the grant program „Dezvoltarea societăţii civile la nivel local în Republica Moldova”.