Romanian investments in R. of Moldova

Policy Memo, No.24 December 2011

Author: Ciprian Ciucu

Romania is Moldova’s most important partner for commercial trade and, for the first time in history, it overreached Russia in the volume of direct investments in Moldova. At least this is what the official statistics show, even though many Russian businessmen prefer to lead their businesses from more convenient tax systems like Cyprus and the Netherlands.

The report (only in Romanian) is particularly useful for Romanian and European businessmen interested to invest in Moldova, as it contains information about the business environment, economic trends and legislation in the field. At the same time, the report is addressed to Romanian public institutions with economic and representation attributions and which could do more to intermediate business contracts. In order to strengthen the Strategic Partnership with the Republic of Moldova, Romania has to continue the efforts it began in the area of political and cultural activities, as well as economic activities, especially the ones which concern commercial trade and the increase of direct investments.

The Romanian version of the report is available here.