EUROPEAN ELECTIONS: National vs. European debate

Alegeri-europene-2-220x300CRPE Policy Memo No.19, April 2013

Authors: Cristina Stănculescu, Laura Bretea, Ciprian Ciucu

The Romanian Center for European Policies launches the policy memo  European elections, two snapshots: European debate, Romanian debate”, within the “Advocacy for truly democratic European elections” project.

The first part of this policy memo brings to the public’s attention the evolution of the European debate regarding the electoral systems for choosing members of the European Parliament, shows where has the debate reached a stopping point and discusses possible future scenarios.

The second part presents a brief history of the way we have come to use a proportional electoral system with a closed party list [the list is blocked and the candidates are elected by the chief of party] and it advocates once more for a debate on the introduction of a competitive voting system.

This policy memo is available only in Romanian.