The Youth Social Entrepreneurship HUB

The Youth Social Entrepreneurship HUB is an Erasmus+ project, that aims to strengthen competences for social entrepreneurship of the youth workers and young people by developing learning materials and involving them in learning activities.
The learning materials are innovative and propose to develop the knowledge and skills of young people to start-up and manage a social enterprise by involving them in the creation and management of a virtual social enterprise.
The project proposes to develop also the competences of youth workers to promote the social entrepreneurship among young people. Because they work directly with young people is important to strengthen their competences in social entrepreneurship. Through all the learning materials developed in the project, the youth workers will be able to facilitate the social entrepreneurship education among young people and, consequently, will improve the quality of their work.
The platform developed in the project will allow young people to create the business plan with the financial reports and to track economic records. The “Virtual learning social enterprise platform” is an interactive method aimed at developing entrepreneurship by applying interdisciplinary knowledge integration and ensuring conditions for deepening the practical skills acquired by youth in training. The goal of this method is teaching business skills development of youth by simulating the processes and activities that occur in a real company and its relationships with other companies and institutions.