Data protection: evaluation of Moldova`s policies


The Protection of personal data in the context of the dialogue regarding liberalization of  visa regime and negotiation of the future Association Agreement between Republic of Moldova and the EU, May 2012

Author: Bogdan Manolea

Between February-June 2011, Bogdan Manolea, CRPE affiliated expert (more details about Bogdan here) analyzed the situation of personal data protection in Moldova, and made recommendations to improve their protection in the context of visa regime liberalization with the EU.

To elaborate this study, Bogdan and Olga Demian had in the period 28 March 2011 – 8 April 2011 several meetings with officials and members of the civil society, of whom we mention: Ms. Dona Scola, vice-minister, the Ministry of Technology, Information and Communication of Moldova; Mr. Vasile Ciornîi, general vice-director, operations, State Information Resource Center, Republic of Moldova; Sorina Susana and Olga Vacarciuc, Centre for Human Rights Moldova; Stela Mocan, executive director, Electronic Governing Center, Republic of Moldova, Cristina Pereteatcu, Amnesty International Moldova; Mr. Vanu Jereghi, director, Institute for Human Rights in the Republic of Moldova.

More details on the meetings here  and here. Photo galleries here  and here.

Friday, 10 June 2011, at Chisinau, was the official launch of the book “The Protection of personal data in the context of the dialog regarding the liberalization of the visa regime and the negotiation of the future Association Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union.”
The complete study with the conclusions and the recommendations can be downloaded here (only in Romanian). The English summary of the study is available, here.

The study was elaborated at the initiative and with the financial support of the program Good Governance of Soros Foundation – Moldova.