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I vote for DNA! Why is it worth protecting the anti-corruption institutions.

Author: Cristian Ghinea

In a crucial moment for the anti-corruption institutions from Romania, a moment which poses serious questions regarding their future, the story of DNA is documented by Cristian Ghinea in the book I vote DNA! Why is it worth protecting the anti-corruption institutions.
The book has exclusive interviews with DNA prosecutors and with essays written by the author regarding the review of the efforts in the anticorruption field in Romania.


The EU Approach to Justice Reform in Southeastern and Eastern Europe

Editors: Cristian Ghinea, Laura Stefan
The Romanian Centre for European Policies made public in Brussels the volume “The EU Approach to Justice Reform in Southeastern and Eastern Europe”. The book was launched with the occasion of a public hearing organized at the European Parliament with the contribution of MEPs Monica Macovei (Romania), Mariya Nedelcheva (Bulgaria) and Tadeusz Zwiefka (Polonia).

“The EU Approach to Justice Reform in Southeastern and Eastern Europe”constitutes a comparative analysis of a series of indicators with regard to justice performance and the fight against corruption in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. The indicators taken into account for each of these countries are the following: anti-corruption institutions, immunities, confiscations, declarations of wealth and interests, the independence and accountability of the judiciary.

The lessons learnt with the occasion of Romania’s and Bulgaria’s accession to the EU, the special conditionalities and the mechanism for cooperation and verification post-accession should be considered as anti-corruption instruments in countries which currently are in the process of accession to the EU. The volume launched by CRPE was edited by Cristian Ghinea and Laura Stefan, with the contribution of national experts from each country subject of the book. The volume contains a detailed chapter describing the situation for each of the analyzed countries and a comprehensive chapter highlighting the elements which are common for the region.

The CRPE project was financed by the German Marshall Fund, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Soros Foundation Romania. The volume expresses strictly the opinions of the experts and authors involved.

The book is available here.

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