25th of May 2011: Roundtable at the European Commission Representation. Adopting the Euro in 2015: benefits and vulnerabilities

The public debate about the target-term of 2015 for the euro adoption creates an interest among Romanians and divided public opinion into two camps, some claiming that Romania will not be ready until then, others saying that a firm assuming of the target would be a much welcomed stimulus to continue the structural reforms.

The European Commission Representation in Romania held today, 25th of May, at the European Union House in Bucharest, a round table attended by representatives from both trends of opinion.

During the talks, the following persons took the floor: Niculae Idu – Head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, Leonard Orban, presidential advisor, Adrian Vasilescu, adviser to the Governor of BRN, Ionut Dumitru, president of the Tax Council, Laurian Lungu, Managing Partner Macroanalitica, Mihai Ionescu, president of the National Association of Exporters and Importers in Romania, Cristian Paun, Executive Director of the Romanian Society of Economics, Ilie Serbanescu, Vice President of the Romanian Society of Economics, Florian Libocor, BNR SCG chief economist.

The debate was moderated by Cristian Ghinea, director of the Romanian Center for European Policies.

In preparation for the roundtable, CRPE developed a synthesis study (only in Romanian) of the main ideas and their chronology in the national public debate on this issue in recent years: “Adopting the Euro in 2015: how we got to this date and what chances do we have?”.  The full text of the synthesis can be read here.

The event was presented LIVE TEXT on EurActiv.ro in the project “CRPE-EurActiv Debates”.

The full article and the readers’ comments here.