Romania – active in European Debates II

Romania – active in European Debates II

The aim of the project

Enhancing the internal debate and stimulating the political environment to capitalize the opportunity of being part of the European political field through well fundamented and coherent positions of Romania on the European option map.

O1. Improving the internal public debate among the main topics on the European Agenda
O2.  Formulating proposals of Romania’s  positions that can be taken by policy makers and exposed to the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Council.

Target Groups
–    Romanian Government
–    European Affairs Departments within the ministries
–    Specialized Parliamentary Commission from the National Parliament
–   Romanian MEP’s
–    Journalists
–    Embassies
–    Interested NGO’s
–   European Think-tanks
–    Universities and students

A1. Project Launch
A2. Improving and strengthening the recipients data base reports
A3. Making Sectorial Reports
A4. Relevant Policy-briefs for the European Agenda
A5. Reports release ( dissemination and promotion)
A 5.1.Printing and disseminating reports through traditional mail
A 5.2. Press relations
A 5.3. Online Dissemination
A 5.4. Dissemination using new media
A6. Electronic Newsletter
A7. Mass-Media monitoring and impac assesment

–    4 sectorial reports
–    6 policy briefs

Donor: Soros Foundation