The Sustainability INDEX of the National Anticorruption Directorate

The Sustainability of the DNA INDEX is a research report which aims to provide civil society, judiciary institutions and all relevant stakeholders an annual tool to assess and monitor the vulnerabilities and threats faced by anticorruption bodies in Romania.

The DNA Sustainability Index outlines the current situation, indicating – after consultations with leaders of the judicial system, experts, representatives of the civil society and journalists with experience in the field of justice – who are the decision-makers, institutions, laws and actors supporting or undermining the operation of this institution that is representative for the efforts of the Romanian society to control corruption.

This study is intended to identify the factors and indicators – both internal and external – that contribute to the sustainability of the DNA and to the fight against corruption, especially at the highest level. In addition, the research should facilitate comparisons, so as to allow comparing the same institution, the same phenomenon and the same indicators the following year, in order to note any developments.

The methodology of the research and the description of the 55 indicators is available here.

The full report The Sustainability of the DNA INDEX 2014 by Cristian Ghinea and Bianca Toma is available here