The Romania – Ukraine Civic Forum Project, second edition, Kiev 2014

The Romania – Ukraine Civic Forum Project, second edition, Kiev 2014

Period pf implementationSeptember 2013 – January 2014

The Romanian Center for European Policies (Romania) together with the Institute of World Policy (Ukraine) organizes the second edition of the Romania-Ukraine Civic Forum in Kiev supporting the efforts of resetting and recalibrating the Romanian-Ukrainian relations, outlining the opportunities on bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects.

The overall project aims to boost bilateral relations between the two countries, expanding the base of dialogue between Romania and Ukraine, placing non –conflict, neutral issues on the public discussions agenda, in the bilateral relationship, grounded on trust and based on projects such as the European option and Ukraine’s accession to the EU, promoting the idea of good neighborliness and regional cooperation.

Specific objectives include: identifying resource for collaboration and policies areas to annihilate inaccurate stereotypes and inoperative approaches in the bilateral relationship, defining the current status of the Romanian-Ukrainian relations, the implications in European and international context; contribution to support Ukraine’s European integration process.

Romanian-Ukrainian civic forum is part of the transfer of expertise process in the field of democratization and development policies of Romania to the EU’s Eastern neighborhood.

Donors: The project is financed by the Development Assistance Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and   and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – the Bratislava Regional Center.