Strengthening Moldovan mass media capacity to address conflict resolution issues

16730678_1285850191451882_1767952174350694359_nA group of local Moldavian journalists has been hosted, as interns by „Ziarul de Garda” newspaper. The interns were selected as result of a contest of articles written in groups after the training „Conflict-sensitive reporting” organised by the CRPE MD. The interns, Inga Nosatîi, Natalia Rotari and Andrei Colioglo, came from different regions of Moldova (North, Centre and South) and have been experienced journalism at local level.

During two weeks, the interns worked in collaboration with their mentors from „Ziarul de Garda” in developing journalistic materials, by this strengthening their abilities and learning from the experience of journalists from „Ziarul de Garda”.

CRPE -R. Moldova team, together with mentors from „Ziarul de Garda”, interns and Canada Fund for Local Initiatives local coordinator held an evaluation session of the internship program and assessed the lessons learned from this experience.

„For me, the internship at Ziarul de Garda was a challenge. I knew from the very beginning that it would not be easy because the journalists at Ziarul de Garda are professional, unbiased and impartial. Initially, I was afraid that I will not meet the requirements.”

Natalia Rotari

„The internship at Ziarul de Garda was a lesson and a responsibility for me. Feeling the working atmosphere in the editorial office, meeting a great team, learning and be guided by professionals, and moreover, having freedom to act and think is very rarely met in Moldova.”

Inga Nosatîi

„For me, as recent graduate, the internship was a very good experience. I had the opportunity to work with professionals, to get valuable tips from them and support – it was a great honor. It was nice to see myself the „kitchen” of the newspaper, which is known for high quality investigative materials. I’ve managed to publish a story about care houses in Moldova, I tried my news writing skills. The main lesson for me is that we must constantly strive for high standards of quality journalism.”

Andrei Colioglo

The project „Strengthening Moldovan mass media capacity to address conflict resolution issues” is implemented by CRPE-R. Moldova with the financial support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives.