The aftermath of the strategic partnership Romania – Republic of Moldova

The aftermath of the strategic partnership Romania – Republic of Moldova

This project continues the project ” The Partnership Romania-Moldova for European integration. The Contribution of the civil society” which was implemented by the CRPE and APE and has been financed by Soros Foundation Romania and Soros Moldova. The current project aims at continuing the project of monitoring the committment of Romania regarding the support of the economic and institutional reforms in Moldova through 1) the identification of main collaboration fields 2) monitoring their implementation stage and 3) their evaluation.

 Specific Objectives:

1. To identify Romania’s commitments (or the ones which follow to be taken during the ongoing project) in supporting the economic and institutional reforms in Moldova as a step towards EU integration

2. To systematically monitor the stage of implementation of these commitments of Romania in supporting the reforms

3. To identify other collaboration sources and policy areas where Romania could support Moldova
4. Making an audit of Moldova’s success towards European integration

Target Groups:

  • Governments and Parliaments from Romania and Moldova
  • • Decision makers directly involved in the bilateral relationship
  • • Press in Moldova and Romania
  • • European Institutions
  • • Press specializing in European issues at EU level
  • • Think-tanks in Romania, Moldova and the EU Member States


A1. Launching conference of the project “Partnership for Integration balance – Ideas and Developments in the new political context”
A2. Road Reporting
A3. Creating a comprehensive evaluation report that will achieve the degree of implementation of commitments Romania to Moldova.
A4. Dissemination, promotion, lobbying
A5. Media monitoring and impact assessment


– Minimum 3 mileage reports, analyzing the fulfillment of commitments Romania to Moldova;
– 1 report comprehensive evaluation;
– 1 opening conference of the project;
– More than 20 articles in print media
– At least 10 appearances in audiovisual media
– More than 40 articles in online media

Donor: Soros Foundation Romania and Soros Foundation Moldova