Supporting Local Superheroes: Giving voice to active young people

Period of implementation  – June 2021 – February 2022

The project Supporting Local Superheroes: Giving voice to active young people aims to enhance youth participation in civic activities in small and medium urban areas affected by limited civic activism. The project is designed to generate sustainable changes through participatory processes, tailored and support civic consolidation at local level, as well as by developing a good practice model for youth engagement in the decision-making process in their community. 

The initiative targets young people with fewer opportunities, with a view to improving their level of competences, consolidate and support their civic engagement and provide them with the needed incentives to be able to organize spillover activities in their communities and support other youths that face similar bottlenecks and challenges.

The project envisages a set of activities aimed at improving youths’ command of English too, but also at raising awareness and expanding youth knowledge on democracy, decision-making processes, youth rights and civic participation.

To achieve this objective, the project  includes organizing non-formal and interactive training programs facilitated by CRPE and guest top trainers in the field of civic activism, journalism, project writing and graphic design. The programs will be dedicated for up to 40 young participants from across the country during which they will learn to design their project and apply for a small grant for implementation. The best 5 project ideas will be implemented in participants’ local communities with the support of a dedicated team of mentors from CRPE. The project envisages spillover activities in local and national media and one final storytelling video in which participants will voice their impressions and encourage other youngsters to engage in civic activism.

The project Supporting Local Superheroes: Giving voice to active young people is implemented by the Moldovan Branch of the Romanian Centre for European Policies and is financed by the US Embassy in the Republic of Moldova.