State Owned Companies – Preventing Corruption and State Capture

State Owned Companies – Preventing Corruption and State Capture

Period of implementation: January 2016- December 2017

The project proposes an innovative, comprehensive approach to evaluate risks of state capture and corruption in SOEs across the EU, by combining corporate governance issues with indicators of economic performance to identify misappropriation of funds and with the responses of the judiciary and administrative bodies to such acts of funds misuse (case studies in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Italy)

The consortium will to develop strategic analysis to assess the degree of state clientelism and exposure to corruption within state owned companies and will provide specific and measurable indicators assessing the level of political influences in state owned enterprises and the level of funds allocation from public and European sources.

The project methodology, which capitalizes also on the participation of representatives of relevant SOEs (survey targeting relevant SEOs in each participating country will be designed, tested and applied) can provide a clear picture on how Member states are dealing with the issue of state capture within SOEs and what type of instrument are using to deal with it, both ante factum and post factum.

One of the short and medium term outcomes of the project consists in designing a comprehensive assessment methodology for SOEs which could feed into EU’s anticorruption strategy for Member States.

The project “State-Owned Companies – Preventing Corruption and State Capture” is financed through Economic and Financial Crime, Corruption, Environmental Crime Programme,  DG Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission and co-financed by Open Society Foundation.