September 4 to 5, 2015, Bucharest – Education for Justice and Democracy – workshop for law practitioners

Law practitioners are bringing justice in communities – workshop and training sessions for law practitioners as part of the project “Education for Justice and Democracy – a citizen training program in schools”. CRPE and Liderjust organized the first training session focusing on teaching methods for law practitioners (judges, prosecutors, lawyer, mediators) with the purpose of enabling them to teach demonstrative lessons of legal education in pre-universitary learning institutions from Bucharest and South Muntenia Region.

Some useful tools for teaching and learning – a guide with methods for teaching and practical examples for magistrates, together with a guide for high school students –  will be available during the project.

A new training session for 25 law practitioners will be organized at the end of October.  The call for registration will be available online on and on Liderjust Facebook page.


This project is funded through SEE 2009-2014 Grants, within NGO Fund in Romania. For more information concerning SEE and Norwegian Grants please access