Romania’s democracy in reverse gear – en garde, EU!

Romania’s democracy in reverse gear – en garde, EU! July 2012

Authors: Corina Stratulat, Pavel Ivan

European Policy Center has published a policy brief about the current situation in Romania. The brief is authored by Corina Stratulat, EPC analyst, and Paul Ivan, CRPE affiliated expert.

EPC is one of the most important organisations in Brussels and it is among the top 3 think tanks.

The work represents a report concerning functioning syncopes of the Romanian democracy these days. The last part reffers to the intervention possibilities which EU has in cases of sideslips among member states. The authors are urging the EU to have preliminary interventions in order to prevent sideslips similar to those in Hungary and the recent ones in Romania.

The brief has been published by EPC in the afternoon of July the 6th 2012 and is available here.