European Academy for Young Politicians and Leaders 2018

CRPE is closely working with other key actors – entrepreneurs, policy senior policy makers, experts from different fields, diplomats, activists and representatives of the international companies – in consolidating the future generation of political leaders. We are running for over 6 years European Academy for Young Leaders in Politics organized in partnership with OMV Petrom.

The edition of the summer’s Academy in 2018 summer was benefited by the support and participation of the Foreign Investors Council.

30-40 young politicians, already active in the Romanian Parliament, in youth organizations or local ones, participate twice a year, on several days of meetings, debates on European issues, meet experts, consultants, businessmen, Romanian and foreign diplomats, MEPs, senior politicians.

This year we will also launch the Coalition for Romania 2030, which aims to contribute to the transatlantic assumption of some objectives for the future of Romania.