Let’s be reasonable- Romania and the EU targets of reducing gas emissions


Policy Memo no.5, November  2009

Author: Ana Otilia Nuţu

The global negotiations concerning the reduction of gas emissions (GES) require costly commitments and complicated alliances tactics and diplomatic orientations. Romania has to become a serious and credible actor in this field and it must base its strategy on a thorough knowledge of its internal status. On one hand, we have to accomplish our duties as EU members which will cost us money and coherent policies in the field of gas emissions (GES). On the other hand, the way we will negotiate our position in the EU could affect the financing in the energetic sector and other sector too: an opportunity which would allow us not only to reduce the emissions, but to produce energy in a more competitive way. This report examines the position of Romania in the global debate and it reaches two conclusions: we have to be realistic on the international arena and we have to fulfill our obligations through internal coherent policies.

This report is available only in Romanian, here.