June 19-20, 2014 – European Union – Republic of Moldova Forum (the third meeting)

The Romanian Center for European Policies, the Foreign Policy Association and the Institute for Eastern Studies in Warsaw held on June 19 and on June 20, 2014 the third European Union – Republic of Moldova Forum. This forum was organized this time in Balti, Moldova and hosted delegates from Romania, Germany, Poland and other EU countries. The forum was organized to strengthen Moldova’s European aspirations, noticing the fact that as of June 27 Moldova will sign an Association Agreement with the EU.

4The event was opened by the guests of honor: the Prime Minister of Moldova, Iurie Leanca, and the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation, Gerd Mueller and the President of the Parliament of Moldova, Igor Corman.

Leanca said that Moldova’s European orientation is irreversible: “I chose the European vector as a model of development. Our European path is one that requires systemic and mentality changes. We see June 27 as a new beginning for modernization and reform. Our European project focuses on three major things: creating jobs, fighting corruption and de jure and de facto accession to the EU.” Iurie Leanca reminded also about the projects implemented in Moldova with the support of the European Union: “nearly 45 percent of the money from the EU go to road repairing. Likewise, investments have been made in agriculture, rural development, security projects and energy efficiency. “

The German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Mueller encouraged Moldova’s efforts to move closer to the European Union, stating that “Moldova should be part of the European future. The signing of the Association Agreement represents a milestone. You did a tremendous job. We know that the people here still need to be convinced about the benefits of this Agreement. We politicians need to communicate clearly and explain that everything that is done is for the good of the citizens. It is not directed against anyone and certainly not against Russia. “

The event also hosted the signing of the  Moldovan-German Agreement on Assistance of Development worth 15 million Euros by Prime Minister Leanca and by the German Federal Minister Gerd Mueller.

This event was organized within the project “EU – Moldova Think Tank Dialogue”, financed by the Official Development Assistance Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the United Nations Development Program – Regional Office in Bratislava.