Is the Eastern Europe in the North or in the South? Some Remarks about the European Council from October 2009

Policy Brief no.2, November 2009

Authors: Otilia Nuțu, Paul Ivan, Cristian Ghinea, Dragoș Dinu

The last weak European Council had on its agenda the sketching of a common EU position before the global negotiations, which would take place in December in Copenhagen meant to replace the actual Kyoto treaty on the reduction of gas emissions. Although after this European Council, the European leaders have been criticized by the ecologist organizations, the truth is that the European Union is the most advanced global actor in proposing coherent solutions for the Copenhagen summit. Neither the United States, nor China or other actors are even close to the coherent proposals made by the EU. Nevertheless, the European leaders have been discussing about this promises, the expectations being very high due to the tendency of judging EU by them and not in comparative terms with other regions.

The report is available  only in Romanian, here