Growing through Agricultural Education: Agri-Vet work-based learning

Planned duration: March – September 2022

The project’s “Growing through Agricultural Education: Agri-Vet work-based learning” goal is to enhance the capacity of all the agricultural VET institutions in Moldova to develop long-term relationships with agribusiness with the aim of improving the work-based learning experiences of the students.

Within the project, 11 managers of the agri-VET institutions will be trained on the topic of work-based learning. Additionally, they will get to visit The Agricultural High School “Mihail Kogalniceanu” from Miroslava, Romania during a study visit. The project team will also organize a meeting with 10 representatives of the relevant authorities in Chisinau, to present the experience within CEA and the actionable conclusions drawn together with the managers of the agri-VET institutions. The indirect beneficiaries of the project are both the VET institutions and the students enrolled in them.

We intend to attain our goal through a series of interconnected experiences provided to the participants such as: organizing a training session tailored according to the participants needs, during which they will learn about the concept of work-based learning and its implementation in Romanian agricultural education; organizing a study visit at our economic partners of the agricultural high school from Miroslava; organizing a reflection session, during which the participants will work on analyzing the state of play in the VET institutions that they represent and the changes that have to be implemented both at managerial level and at policy level in order to improve the relationship between schools and economic actors.

Following these activities, the applicant will develop a paper documenting the experience, which will include actionable conclusions and recommendations for the VET institutions and for the relevant authorities. The envisaged activities are designed to impact, through a spill-over effect, the capacity of agri-schools to establish long-term relationships with agribusiness and ensure a better quality of work-based learning for students.

The project is implemented by Moldovan Branch of the Romanian Centre for European Policies and financed by The Austrian Development Agency.