EU – Moldova negotiations What is to be discussed, what could be achieved?

Policy memo, no.12, May 2010

Authors: Cristian Ghinea, Victor Chirilă

“We recognize that giving people hope without a clear membership perspective is difficult” stated Mr. Graham Watson, Rapporteur of the EU – Moldova Association Agreement during today’s conference on key priorities of the EU – Moldova agenda.

The conference organized today in Brussels by the Romanian Center for European Policies (CRPE), the Foreign Policy Association (APE) of Moldova and Moldovan Mission to the EU enjoyed the participation of Mr. Watson, members of the negotiation team of the the Republic of Moldova, other members of the European Parliament, Commission officials and expert from Brussels based EU think-tanks.

Mr. Watson encouraged the Moldovan officials and considered that `the membership perspective for Republic of Moldova is not a taboo subject in Brussels`. On the contrary, Mr. Watson continued, we `will discuss the subject if Moldova would be prepared. There is no example of a European country willing to join the EU and prepared to do so that was refused`.

The report is available, here.