Education for Justice and Democracy – a citizen training program in schools

Education for Justice and Democracy – a citizen training program in schools

Period of implementation: 1th of April 2015 – 31th of March 2016

Romanian Center for European Policies and Liderjust are launching the Education for Justice and Democracy – a citizen training program in schools project.

The project started from recent findings undertaken by the management of judicial system: in this moment, at least one out of six Romanians has a file in court. What follows after the arrests operated by DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate)? Repression techniques by themselves – criminal investigations, sentences – are not sufficient in the long term for fighting such an ingrained phenomenon. How prepared is the younger generation in order to be able to reject corruption and clientelism?

As consigned by a Justice-Education inter-governmental protocol, juridical education is prerequisite for preventing corruption, knowing one’s own civil rights and liberties and promoting respect towards law and democracy. All these are in fact the main targets of this project. It proposes an educative pilot program (targeting national colleges from Bucharest Ilfov and Muntenia Southern Region) for pre-university education system (1.000 highschool students, 9th and 10th grade) consisting in teaching education for justice and democracy, with the help of law practitioners (magistrates and future magistrates, judges and prosecutors), teachers and school managers.

The project has also proposed a long term strategy concerning early prevention of corruption, promoting respect for the rule of law, incorruptible behaviors and civic attitudes through implementation of adequate policies.

For more details regarding the projects, visit the website here.

Project funded by SEE 2009-2014 grants, within NGO Fond in Romania.

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