CRPE releases 2020 annual report: working in the year of the pandemic

The year 2020 was an unusual and difficult year, not just in our personal lives, but also in our professional ones. We at CRPE have adapted, worked, and implemented projects almost exclusively online and continued, with new instruments and approaches, to actively contribute to developing public policies based on evidence and the guidance of the civil societies of Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

We consolidated our expertise on domains such as justice, anticorruption, good governance, rural development, young people, and civic activism, but we also approached new themes, we identified and combated disinformation, propaganda, fake news, and researched vaccine diplomacy in pandemic times. 2020 was also the year we focused on consolidating networks of regional experts and civic activists.

Today we review the work we did last year in Romania, but also in the Republic of Moldova, and we invite you to discover it in our annual report for 2020.

In a nutshell:  What did CRPE do in 2020?

– We implemented 10 local, regional, and European projects

– We organized 12 events and online debates on themes such as the future of the European project, food security in the times of the pandemic, resilience against disinformation and cybersecurity, sectoral cooperation in the domain of child protection, efficiency in judicial cooperation over criminal law in the European Union, etc.

– We organized more than 10 trainings, workshops, round-tables with young people, civic activists and relevant stakeholders in the judiciary or local public administration

– We published 11 reports on public policies, research papers and analyses of the cooperative sector in agriculture, fake news, propaganda, disinformation, anticorruption, young people, civic activism, etc.

– We established a regional network made up of 19 experts from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine, with the purpose of aiding each other, and especially to cooperate each time democracies are under attack in these countries

– In the Republic of Moldova we have implemented 3 projects with and for young people and citizens active at the local level, and we continued to work with our colleagues from to document the evolution of the pandemic and of the infodemic in the neighbouring country.

– We worked on cross-country European projects on themes of judicial cooperation at the European level and on the purpose of whistleblowers and open access data. Through these projects, we supported the importance of transparency and cooperation between authorities and civil society, not just at the central level, but also at the local level

The annual report may be accessed here.

We would like to thank all collaborators, volunteers, partners, and funders for their confidence and for the possibility of working together in 2020.

We hope for a kinder and safer 2021 with more personal interactions and projects at the grassroots. It is already as notable and intense as last year.

Stay on the line!