CRPE: 2019 Annual Report

CRPE turned 10 in 2019.

During these 10 years, CRPE came with many relevant and timely  contributions to public policies in Romania as part of the European Union. 2019 was a generous year – we wrote, debated, analyzed, and promoted  European affairs and all this can be found in our annual report.

We took a few summer days to look at the past year and assess what we did and what we want to do next. The first and most striking conclusion would be that in 2019 we focused on young people, both in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova. 

Here is a brief compilation on what we had achieved during 2019:

– The CRPE team expanded with two new junior colleagues;
– We implemented six projects dedicated to young people. Our projects concerned activists and EU-passionate youth, future farmers in agricultural high schools, young social entrepreneurs, as well as disadvantaged youth – NEETs, and youth workers;
– We implemented ten events which were attended by more than 1,000 young people from various backgrounds;
– We organized training sessions for judges on the transposition of European directives or framework decisions and “brushed” European legislation in the field of child protection;
– In the Republic of Moldova, we continued to strengthen a network of young experts in the field of justice and worked with journalists in explaining European affairs;
– We organized and hosted seven competitions with online debates, quizzes, and storytelling for young people on the future of the European Union, the European elections, and disinformation campaigns;

CRPE has been part of three European cross-country projects on judicial cooperation at the European level, good governance, and on the role of whistleblowers and access to open data. Through our projects, we support the importance of transparency and cooperation between the authorities and civil society, both at the central and local levels.

We continued to work in some of the main areas of interest of CRPE – the development of the Romanian rural community and small and medium farms. We provided documentation, analysis, and advocacy for associations and agricultural cooperatives. By connecting farmers to knowledge, we revitalize vocational and technical agricultural education.

The Republic of Moldova means a lot to the CRPE team. Thus, we continued to implement projects to support the reforms in Chisinau, covering its European path and good governance, but we also worked with many young people from various backgrounds – civic activists, lawyers, journalists, or students.

You can read all this in our report available here.

For 2020 we plan to adapt to the post-pandemic “new normal”. We will continue to implement projects on the employment of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, on the future of the European project and European funds, on good governance and the rule of law. Last but not the least, we engage in creating and implementing new projects 

We thank all our participants, collaborators, partners, and funders for the joy of thinking and tanking together.

The CRPE team