Building public support for anti-corruption efforts of the National Integrity Commission

15 October 1013 – 15 August 2014

CRPE – R. Moldova in partnership with Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption and Expert Forum is implementing the project “Building public support for anti-corruption efforts of the National Integrity Commission” which aims to strengthen the communication of National Integrity Commission with civil society and mass-media from Republic of Moldova in order to ensure awareness, objectivity, transparency, integrity in the context of prevention and cofight against corruption in Moldova.

The objectives of the project are:

Objective 1. Analysis of the relationship between anti-corruption institutions, mass-media, civil society and officials from Moldova, as well as assessing how these institutions are perceived by civil society organizations, mass media institutions and officials.

Objective 2. Facilitating an exchange of experience and transfer of know-how from Romanian journalists dealing with anti-corruption institutions to Moldovan journalists;

Objective 3. Providing expertise to National Integrity Commission, so that it will be able to have an enhanced communication and coordination with all institutions concerned, including civil society organizations and mass-media that may have a role in implementing certain anti-corruption policy measures and in monitoring the anti-corruption efforts of National Integrity Commission.

Objective 4. Empowering civil society, mass-media institutions and officials and monitor the anti-corruption efforts if the Commission.

Objective 5 Creating a framework for a coherent discussion and debate which will focus the attention of NGOs, media, stakeholders and decision makers on the activities of the National Integrity Commission.

Donor: Embassy of Finland, Bucharest