Bucharest, 23 June 2016 –  “European Judicial Cooperation in the area of cybercrime”

Bucharest, 23 June 2016 –  “European Judicial Cooperation in the area of cybercrime”


The project European Judicial Cooperation in the area of cybercrime tackled the issue of European Cooperation on fighting Cybercrime from a judicial perspective, addressing the need of prosecutors and judges to have accurate knowledge of the present methods used in cybercrime investigation, national work procedures but also good practices in bi-lateral cooperation or cooperation with EU institutions. For this purpose, a target group of 60 judges and prosecutors from two Member States – Romania and Bulgaria – participated in trainings in this area.

The project aimed at contributing to a further development of an European area of justice based on mutual trust and cooperation, with a view to fostering a common legal and judicial culture in Europe.

In order to disseminate the information from the trainings to a wider group of magistrates across Europe, a Guideline on European Cooperation in the area of Cybercrime has been drafted within the project. The Guideline was presented during the final conference and it will be shared within European judicial cooperation networks.

The event was followed by a workshop on Virtual Currencies, challenges to the judicial system.

The project was implemented by Romanian Center for European Policies, in partnership with Center for Criminal Justice and Security StudiesNational Institute for Magistracy in Romania and National Institute for Justice.

Donor: Project funded by the Justice Programme 2014-2020 of the European Union