Results of the pilot program Education for Justice and Democracy in schools

Bucharest, 20 April 2016 – Final Conference of the project “Education for Justice and Democracy – a citizenship training programme in schools”

Romanian Center for European Policies together with Liderjust (association of law practitioners) organized on April 20th of April 2016, the final conference of the project „Education for Justice and Democracy – a citizenship training program in schools”.

During the final conference the most important results of the pilot project were presented, regarding the experience of teaching legal education in pre-universitary learning institutions and the students’options concerning legal education: how students perceive this subject, what they want to learn, who should teach these notions.

Romanian Center for European Policies and Liderjust presented also the public policy options resulted from recent consultations on the introduction of legal education in schools, and launched the debate on the existent short-term options for continuing the programme.

The event brought together professionals from the fields of Education and Justice, public policy experts from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice, Law experts and practitioners, magistrates, representatives of non-governmental organizations and academia.

More than 1300 students from Bucharest, Constanța, Argeș and Prahova districts participated in the demonstrative lessons taught by prosecutors, judges, lawyers, notaries, mediators in the pilot project „Education for Justice and Democracy – a citizenship training program in schools”. The pilot project aimed to test the best formulas for teaching legal education in schools as a tool for early prevention of corruption, to promote respect for law and democracy and knowledge of rights and civil liberties.

This project is funded through SEE 2009-2014 Grants, within NGO Fund in Romania. For more information concerning SEE and Norwegian Grants please access