April 2009: Electoral debate: What to expect from the future MEPs?

MEP candidates, journalists and political analysts participated in the electoral debate: “What to expect from the future MEPs?” The conference was organized by the Romanian Center for European Policies in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation and EurActiv.ro.

The guests included: Adriana Ticau (PSD), Victor Bostinaru (PSD), Traian Ungureanu (PDL), Cristian Preda (PDL), Magor Csibi (PNL), Sabin Cutas (PSD) and Andreea Vass (PDL).

The event aimed to debate relevant issues for the future MEPs. CRPE has asked the candidates to fill in a questionnaire concerning their priorities for the 5 years to come. Candidates were asked to draft their political agenda.

Download from here the report made by Cristian Ghinea concerning future MEPs intentions.

The structure of the questionnaire: 

1. Name three issues that you consider to be very important as a future MEP

2.  If it were for you, what committee would you like to be member of?

3. Do you intend to stay until the end of your MEP mandate? What other future positions will make you give up your mandate?

4. Do you intend to run for the next parliamentary elections (either early election or not)?

5. European funds represent a priority for Romanian authorities. Do you think that your activity in the EP could improve their absorption?

6. Draft your own political agenda as a future MEP (Some terms of reference: objectives, instruments, focus groups, advantages for voters).