21st of June 2012: 40 European NGOs urge the EU to advance Moldova to the 2nd phase of APVL

At the initiative of CRPE, The Visa-free Europe Coalition is calling upon the European Commission to propose progression of the Republic of Moldova to the second phase of the implementation of the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation (APVL), as soon as possible.

The two letters which are addressed to Catherine Ashton, HR of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (see link) and to Cecilia Malmstrom, Commissioner for Home Affairs (see link), showing that a positive decision on behalf of the Commission and Council would mean that the EU is keeping its promise to progress with each country on visa dialogue according with its own merits. It would be a fair use of the ‘more for more’ principle, which is so vocally advocated by the EU in its relations with the Eastern Partnership countries.