YOUCooperATE: Youth Cooperation for Agricultural Renewal through Education

The goal of the project YOUCooperATE (Youth Cooperation for Agricultural Renewal through Education) is to strengthen knowledge, understanding and competences for agricultural cooperatives (ACs) development of youth aged 15-17 year old, engaged in agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training (T-VET) in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria Latvia and Italy, thus providing, through modern learning and e-learning techniques, an information and educational pathway for the development of the agricultural cooperative sector by the next generation of farmers in the respective countries.


The objectives of the project are:

(1) Increasing the knowledge and awareness among youth engaged in agricultural T-VET education in each country regarding the cooperative business model and values;

(2) Supporting the acquisition of concrete knowledge for students by fostering the involvement of agri cooperatives in the project through mentorship, business case simulation programs, study visits;

(3) Spreading good practices and tools relating to cooperative entrepreneurship in agri T-VET schools in the five countries and in non-formal learning settings;


The target group of the project is composed of 700 agricultural T-VET students aged 15-17 in in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria Latvia and Italy and agri T-VET stakeholders – T-VET and agri T-VET educational experts, ACs, researchers, policy makers, relevant representatives of the government and European stakeholders in the field of youth, cooperatives, T-VET, agri T-VET.


The partners are the National Institute for Cooperative Education (Irecoop Emilia-Romagna, Istituto Regionale per l’Educazione Cooperativa), The Romanian Center for European Policies, The Civitas Foundation,  The National Union of Small Family Farmers and Prducers, The Farmers’ Parliament (ZDA) and The Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture (NAIK).

The project is financed by the DG GROW – DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.