Mutual Trust and Social Rehabilitation Into Practice

Mutual Trust and Social Rehabilitation Into Practice

Period of implementation: January 2018 – January 2020

The project aims to promote mutual trust and to contribute to the effective application of the 3 FDs implementing mutual recognition between MSs when transferring individuals servingprison sentences (FD 2008/909/JHA), persons subject to probation and alternative sanctions (FD 2008/947/JHA) and individuals awaiting trial.

Our research focuses on Italy, Spain and Romania due to the high number of foreign citizens serving pre trial detention, prison detention and probation measures. Almost 80% of EU detainees in Italy and 50% of EU detainees in Spain are Romanians, making these three countries benefiting the most from effective judicial cooperation mechanisms.  In the light of these premises, we underline relevant gaps: the absence of an integrated approach; the contested lack of adequate information support to potential transferees; low awareness among national judicial and prison authorities.

The project proposes to help national judicial and administrative authorities discussing the current problems and identifying shared solutions, identify a model of cooperation between the states and set up a system of collection of quantitative and qualitative information on the transfers.

To achieve the goals the project will plan data collection and data assessment, national meetings in each project partners’ country and a set of cascading activities involving the subjects applying the law. Also, an e-learning course will be available in four official European languages, in order to favor dissemination among as many potential beneficiaries as possible (national judicial authorities, public prosecutors, personnel of prison administration and probation services tasked with the application of the FDs )

The project “ Mutual Trust and Social Rehabilitation Into Practice” is financed through the Justice Programme, JUST-AG-2016, Directorate General Justice and Consumers, European Commission.