European Youth Network for Diversity and Tolerance

In our current turbulent times, there is a big need for the existence of opportunities, which can lead young people to understanding each other and working together for the better future. Already existing community-led initiatives show that this is an efficient and effective way of creating a safe and inclusive environment for all people. This leads to the belief that an organized communal space, in which youth workers and youth work together and exchange ideas, as well as create and manage such projects together, will only increase the positive impact on societies overall. Our aim as a project will be to help increase the positive impact, promote tolerance, diversity, and bring communities together.

The E-UNITE project brings 2 universities, 2 NGOs together with an Institute and a youth center in a concerted effort to develop the foundations of the E-UNITE network – an international youth network, which aims to promote community-led initiatives in the fields of tolerance, inclusivity and diversity.

The main output of the project – the E-UNITE Hub will allow for the convergence of young minds and exchange of ideas, as well as support for such initiatives; likewise, the Hub will be a base for exchange of know-how and good practices of youth workers, which are interested in working on those community-led initiatives or alternatively – youth workers, who wish to develop youth networks of their own.

Our consortium objectives in reaching E-UNITE’s overall aim are:

  • designing and developing a web-based platform, functioning also as a working space – the E-UNITE Hub;
  • organising a 3-day Joint Staff Training to prepare 12 youth workers for working with the provided tools, the network and the manual;
  • elaborating the E-UNITE Manual (available in 7 different European languages), which will offer youth workers a new set of guidelines and systematically summarized knowledge regarding youth work, diversity and tolerance promotion, network building and managing community-led initiatives;
  • promoting the E-UNITE Hub and Manual across youth and youth workers’ communities in 6 partner countries and across Europe;
  • put forward a sustainability roadmap, which can be used as an example for similar initiatives or as an example for youth workers and network builders.

The project is implemented under the framework of the European Commissions’ Programme Erasmus+, within Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Action: Strategic partnership for youth.