Kosovo Dialogue: The way forward

crpe-policy-brief-1CRPE Policy Brief 33, June 2014, Authors: Dragos Dinu, Bianca Toma, Radu Mircea. Belgrade progress in negotiations with the EU (2013) and recent strategic re-positioning in the region recalls the need for long-term solutions in the Western Balkans. Russian’s aggression on the Eastern Partnership countries has moved the attention eastward through both the dialogue and substantial developments in the Balkans towards EU, especially between Belgrade and Pristina have generated some signals opening the way for a more extensive dialogue and deeper cooperation.


The Romanian Center for European Policies, with the support of the British Council in Pristina, organized a round table discussion on “Kosovo Dialogue – the way forward” on March 17-19, 2014 in Bucharest. The representatives of the major political groups of the Kosovo’s Parliament, Romanian representatives of political parties, representatives of various institutions as well as other experts from the civil society participated at the debate.

In addition, we offer an overview of the recent developments, such as the political progress in the relations between Serbia and Kosovo, as well how the cooperation with the EU has gradually advanced. Furthermore, we present the main issues underlying the non recognition stance of the five EU countries that have maintained their original position following Kosovo’s declaration of independence in 2008. The political evolution for each country is described, with an emphasis being placed on the enhanced dialogue and institutional cooperation short of recognition. Finally, we build a case for strengthening the cooperation between Romania and Kosovo, considering Romania’s strategic interest in the stability and development of the West Balkan region, and the potential to share the transition experience on specific policy areas.

The discussions have proposed to evaluate the recent reorientation of the geopolitical interests towards Balkans, the EU strategy and approaches within the region, EU cooperation perspectives between Kosovo and non recognizing countries.

The policy brief, summarizing the main issues that were discussed during the event, can be found here.