#WeAreNATO: How to tell high school students about NATO?

In November, the Romanian Centre for European Policies organized three training sessions in Vaslui, Buzau and Vrancea counties with over 40 high school teachers, specialized in humanities. We discussed about how they could inform their students about the North Atlantic Alliance, its importance, the stakes and influences in the region or more recent dangers, such as disinformation or propaganda.

We were glad to be able to introduce an interactive educational toolkit to the high school teachers, which may be taught to the students. The sessions also benefited from a practical component: representatives of the Ministry of National Defence who participated in NATO missions, shared their experiences in the operational theatres, NATO missions and presented how a multinational brigade functions.

The training sessions belong to the ‘#WeAreNATO: A new narrative for NATO – a more engaging one for youths’ programme, financed by NATO Public Diplomacy Division.