Lucian Luca

Consolidating small and medium farms

On November 18, 2010, the European Commission published "The Common Agricultural Policy in the perspective of 2020 ", the result of extensive public debate during 2010 that began at the invitation of Romanian Commissioner Dacian Ciolos. CRPE has organized on May 4, 2011, with the support of EurActiv and Infoeuropa, a public debate on this issue with key stakeholders, publicly proposing a simplified model of the scheme, which small farmers can have access to without filling in the annual subsidy applications and complex forms.

A Romanian proposal for the future of European small farms

In November 2010, European Commissioner Dacian Cioloş released "the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) towards 2020" – a document outlining the broad strokes of the reform of the European agricultural policy. The communication will be followed in 2011 by a legislative proposal by the Commission. Thus, we are currently in the stage between general principles and concrete measures.

One country and two agricultures. Romania and the Common Agricultural Policy

This report resembles a Russian matrioska which is addressed to more audiences. On one hand, it is about the agricultural policies and European policies, who are accustomed with the field. On the other hand, it is about journalists, politicians, trade unionists, students and the public at large, who need context information for understanding the dilemma raised by CAP in the context of Romania.