Dragoş Dinu

2012 – second `CRPE Annual Report` on Romania-Moldova Relations

The week in which the governments of the two countries meet in a common government reunion in Iasi, the Romanian Center for European Policies publishes its annual report on the relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Named „ From rebooting relations to accumulating arrears”, the CRPE report covers the most important aspects of cooperation between these two countries in 2011.

CRPE comments on the draft law on EU affairs coordination

In 2010 CRPE, together with the Friedrich Ebert Romania Foundation (FES) evaluated the capacity of the Romanian Parliament to participate in debates regarding European policies. Following the interest and the recommendations received from the members of the Romanian Parliament and the Department for European Affairs, CRPE and FES organized on April 12, 2011 the first CRPE Forum on European affairs, which enjoyed the presence of the most important actors involved in the process of coordinating European affairs.

Is the Eastern Europe in the North or in the South? Some Remarks about the European Council from October 2009

The European Union has committed to take a decision regarding the reduction of gas emissions with 30% by 2020 in comparison with the levels of emissions registered in 1990. The condition was that other developed countries to reduce the emissions to a comparable level with the EU and the developing countries to start acting more responsible. The EU plays a very promising strategy hoping that the rest of the countries concerned with the global warming to act accordingly.