Keep the eyes wide open: EU in Moldova


The Romanian Center for European Policies (CRPE) releases the policy brief „Keep the eyes wide open: EU in Moldova”, written by Stanislav Secrieru, an analysis describing the vulnerabilities of the Republic of Moldova in 2014.

There are several dangers which must hold the attention of the Europeans in 2014 and on which the signing and ratification of the EU Association Agreeement relies: (1) the survival of the actual pro-european coalition until the parliamentary elections in November 2014, (2) the challenges related to the effective implementation of the reform in the field of justice and the results in the battle against corruption, (3) the challenges that come from Transnistria and Gagauzia and (4) the pressure from Moscow.

Given the political context and the challenges that come from Russia, the Republic of Moldova will require an increased attention, as well as quick reactions from Brussels as support to prevent any potential crisis or extension of outbreaks. Unfortunately, neither Moldova, nor the EU, are able to discourage the use of punitive economic measures by Russia. One of the options would be the development of a plan to counteract the impact of possible Russian “sanctions”.

During the implementation of the procedures required for signing the Association Agreement, Brussels’s reaction is very important: it’s technocratic approach, which often overlooks the strategic vision, can generate reverse reactions in Moldova. After being the “model student” of the Eastern Partnership, the Republic of Moldova turns out to be a stress test for EU and it’s neighborhood policy.

“If the Republic of Moldova will be derailed from the European course, this will probably be the final nail in the coffin of the Eastern Partnership”, says Stanislav Secrieru.

The full report is available here.