I vote for DNA! Why it is worth protecting anti-corruption institutions

Author: Cristian Ghinea

The volume “I vote for NAD (National Anticorruption Directorate)”  brings together a series of interviews with Daniel Morar (prosecutor, DNA), Liviu Papici ( prosecutor, DNA), Nistor Călin ( prosecutor, DNA), Horia Georgescu ( President of NIA), Cristi Danileț ( judge, member of SMC) and Laura Ștefan ( anti-corruption expert).

In a crucial moment for anti-corruption institutions, Cristian Ghinea reveals views and reactions of the other side and shatters the myth of justice  so often cited in the media. The author presents secrets of DNA that after 2004 started to investigate the  major corruption cases in  Romania, under the leadership of Daniel Morar; the pressures faced by the  prosecutors and last but not  least the involvement of MEP Monica Macovei  in reforming the justice system in Romania.

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You can watch the video of the book review in Dan C. Mihailescu’s show, here.

To find out more and to convince yourself why is it worth to vote for DNA, you can purchase the book, here.