How we used the Window of Opportunity: a year after the revival of the Romanian – Moldavian relations

Policy memo, no. 19, December 2010

Authors: Cristian Ghinea, Dragoș Dinu, Paul Ivan

This report presents an independent analysis of the efforts made by  Romania in 2010 in both its bilateral relationship with Chisinau and as an advocate for Moldova’s integration in the European Union.

Given these prospects, the authors analyse both the financial aid given by Romania to Moldova and the institutional cooperation between the two countries. A general conclusion of the report is that although there is political will from both sides, the actual  management of this relationship is fragmented and lethargic.

Consequently, the report recommends the creation of a coordination  office led by a “Mister Moldova” – a figure with political and  institutional authority who would make Romania’s efforts more coherent. The 100 million euro financial aid which was promised to Moldova is  being delayed. The authors make several recommendations for a better  management of these funds.

The infrastructure and energy projects started by Romania and Moldova  are at the moment in various stages of feasibility studies. For some of  them, Romania began the financing process through European Union funds  (the status of each project is described in the report).

A large part of this report represents the history of the border treaty  signed by Bucharest and Chisinau, the authors having had access to  inside information from the diplomatic sphere which explain the  evolution of negotiating a basic document, later of a border treaty  between Bucharest and Chisinau. Concerning the Transnistria issue, the authors recommend that Bucharest  show maximum restraint since we do not have another stake than  supporting Chisinau.

The report is available, here.

A synthesis of the recommendations provided, here.

This report was launched in the project `Romania – Moldova partnership for European integration. The Contribution of the Civil Society` jointly sponsored by the Romanian and Moldovan Soros foundation