EU – Republic of Moldova Think Tank Dialogue

EU – Republic of Moldova Think Tank Dialogue

Period of implementation: September 2013 – July 2014

The general objective of the “EU – Moldova Think Tank Dialogue” project is the consolidation of democracy and economic development of the Republic of Moldova by accelerating its European integration process.

Specific objectives of the EU – Moldova Think Tank Dialogue project consist of supporting the independent expertise for the authorities in Chisinau and promote Moldova’s European integration in Brussels and among the Member States, stimulating public interest for Moldova’s European integration, supporting and promoting a platform of debates in order to facilitate the dialogue between the civil society in Europe and Moldova on key issues for Moldova’s European negotiations, the recognition of Romania as the main supporter of Moldova in its European integration process.

The “EU – Moldova Think Tank Dialogue” project brings together providers of expertise – European think-tanks interested in Eastern Partnership countries.

The project consortium (Romanian Center for European Policies in Bucharest, the Romanian Center for European Policies in Moldova, European Policy Center in Brussels and the Foreign Policy Association in Chisinau) will assess the political signals from Brussels linked to the national approach of the negotiations with the EU providing a series of policy briefs throughout the project. The consortium’s experts will also analyze the debates in Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius in the fall of 2013.

Studies and reports will be published, discussed and disseminated through the EU Think Tank Dialogue platform which will become the main “meeting place” of stakeholders interested in Moldova’s European integration in Europe.

Donors: The project is financed by the Development Assistance Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and   and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – the Bratislava Regional Center.