Debate on agricultural cooperatives in Romania

Association in agriculture is one of the major themes of documentation and research for the Romanian Center for European Policies. Over the last six years, we have published various (quantitative and qualitative) analyzes on the topic of small and medium sized farmers’ association to link realities on the ground from farmers with public policies in the field.

On 19 October, CRPE organized the debate “The Sector of Agricultural Cooperatives in Romania – present and future perspectives”, attended by representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, cooperatives, experts, and partners of the Romanian-American Foundation (RAF) consortium.

The conclusions emphasized that agriculture and small and medium-sized farmers in Romania still need to be associated, but not just “on paper”. The support for cooperatives must be maintained and deepened in the National Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy post-2020.

The debate was organized in the context of launching the report “Evaluation of the RAF Model for the Creation and Development of Small and Medium Farmers’ Cooperatives”, whose authors are Alexandra Toderita and Oana Ganea.

Full report, in Romanian, is available here.