27th of July: EC’s answer to the letter initialized by CRPE regarding visa liberalisation for Rep. of Moldova

On the 21st of June, at CRPE’s initiative, The Coalition for the European Continent undivided by Visa Barriers (Visa-free Europe Coalition) has written an open letter to the European Committee and to the Council, calling upon the European Commission to propose progression of the Republic of Moldova to the second phase of the implementation of the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation (APVL), as soon as possible.

In a recent answer issued on the 27th of July, the Coalition has received an answer from Catherine Ashton, HR of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs. The two high officials are noting that the letter was timely and that they have duly appreciated the efforts of the Moldovan authorities to adopt important and difficult pieces of legislation. The answer also shows that European institutions realise that the implementation of all pieces of legislation adopted in the first phase of the Action Plan is a daunting task, so that the EU will continue to support Moldovan authorities with substantial technical and financial assistance.

The authors are also reassuring the Coalition members that the “more for more” principle and the “merits-based approach” are two basic elements which are taken in consideration by the Commission. This fact was also proved on the 27th of June, when Rep.of Moldova became one of the main beneficiaries of the Eastern Partnership Integration and Cooperation programme.

The full answer from the European Commission can be found here.