Debating policies, enhancing expertise

Debating policies, enhancing expertise

The project is conceived to increase the ability of the Romanian Center for European Policies (RCEP) to analyse public policies and to draw up preliminary impact studies. Efficient public policies entail  dialogue between and the consultation of all stakeholders which have an interest in the former. To this end, the RCEP needs to permanently enhance its expertise in the field of public policies management and in various sectoral fields pertaining to their respective ministries. The issues which will be covered by the current project are the following:

  • Agriculture– how does the new Common Agricultural Policy relate to the needs of the Romanian agriculture?
  • Healthcare– the preliminary analysis of the impact entailed by the transposition of the directive regarding the healthcare market;
  • Better regulation–  Factor no 1 of the Strategy for Better Regulation at central public administration level- analysing the impact of central public administration regulations on the activity of Romanian economic agents;
  • Education– the policy of lifelong learning for professors  and human resources policy targeting pre-university educational system personnel
  • The system of strategic planning at governmental level – the process of priority setting at governmental level, the guidance of sectoral priorities and the connection with resources;

Beneficiary:  The Romanian Center for European Policies Association

SIMIS Code: 40667
Project title: Debating policies, enhancing expertise

The project is financed through the Operational Project Developing Administrative Capacity of the European Social Fund for the time span 25.09.2012 – 25.09.2013


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